Pontoon boats

Water tourism. Pleasure navigation by shallow rivers and lakes.

Projecting of individual orders


It is enclosed or opened vehicle which can carry 20-45 persons. May be equipped with water tank, run- off clearer equipments.

Vandens autobusas


It is a mini ferry which can carry 12-24 persons. May be equipped with a fixed roof and „sides“, protecting passengers from wind and rain.

Vandens keltas


A camper on the water is an exellent alternative for a pleasure motor boat. Spacious and luxuriously equipped by client‘s request.

Namelis ant vandens

It is an alternative public transport used in many countries all over the world, allowing to expand possibilities travelling by boat by rivers and lakes.

Exceptional characteristics of pontoon boats:

  • Small draft, 30 cm (multi-fuel engine with high pressure water turbine allows to navigate along shallow bays of the inshore waters, small possibility to catch the bottom bars).
  • Mobility;
  • Makes minor whirlpools;
  • Better acceleration (without speed box);
  • Pantoon segments:
    - polythene – coldproof up to -50 C (there is no need each year to elevate boat from water), high weight-to-lifting capacity ratio of segment (25 kg/450 kg), resistant to blunt impacts, longlife;
    - aluminium – possibility to integrate engine with high pressure water turbine, variety measurements of segments: length up to 15 m, diameter up to 0,8 m; aluminium segments make platform light and stiff, visually unique.
  • May be equipped with energy supply sources (solar panels, wind generator, diesel, petrol or gas generator).
  • More space than in the same proportion boat;
  • Safety (it is assembled from separate segments).

Main technical data:

  • Length – from 6 to 12 m;
  • Width – from 2,5 to 4 m;
  • Height – up to 2,9 m;
  • Freeboard deck – 0,5 m

Engine with high pressure water turbine (jet drive):

  • High power-to-weight ratio 37 Hp/35,6 kg;
  • Refrigeration by outboard water;
  • Fuel consumption 9 l/h;
  • Direct fuel injection;
  • Electronic motor control;
  • Spark Ignited;
  • Fuel options: diesel (DF-1, DF-2); aerial fuel - JP5, JP8, JET A; gasoline - A95


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